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Mission Log -
The Orville


An episode by episode deep dive of Seth MacFarlane's THE ORVILLE. Go to for more info.
Hosted by Jessica Lynn Verdi and Mike Richards


Podcast of the Rings


A deep dive into the lore of Toklein's world all in preparation for Amazon Prime's show, "Rings of Power."
Hosted by Jessica Lynn Verdi and Alexander Mitchell.

You Don't Know, Nick

New episodes (mostly) every Friday!

JLV, a core Millennial, teaches  "Xennial" Nick Massouh how to Gen Z

Confused? So is he.

Dungeons n Derek

New Episodes Every 2 Weeks

4 friends play DnD 5e homebrew... semi- decently? 

sci-fi 5

a daily science fiction history podcast giving you the info on the sci-fi you love produced by Roddenberry Entertainment

guest pods

guest starring in pods

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